How to Make a Woman Do Anything!

“If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.”
— Marilyn Monroe

Can you now?

Well, I’d have to say from a woman’s perspective, we do seem to be a little more interested in how we feel with a man than exactly what he looks like.

Men are extremely visual creatures and rarely give a woman a chance unless ‘visually cued up, so to speak!’, but a woman can be charmed by the most ordinary of men because of what he can provide for her in the way of entertainment, security, and indulging and serving her desires. I have found that the most gorgeous of men are often times the worst partners, and strangely enough, they are often the most insecure.

There is the rare combination of gorgeous alpha male who is also very aware that the best man he gets to be is when he is serving his Queen and making her happy.

That is a beautiful union indeed, reminiscent of Shakespeare’s MacBeth and Lady MacBeth. Archetypal, primal – hero and heroine.

Women, it would really serve us to stop defending ourselves against getting hurt from men and teach them to care for us and make heroes out of them.

There is a lost art here.

They live to please us, they really do. 

I know, I know, when his underwear is basking on the floor with potato chips crumbles thrown in for extra flourish, this is a really hard sell…but – just, for a minute watch the majesty of little boys shining up to their Queen mothers – the sun rises and sets with her approval. 

If we only understood and consistently wielded our true feminine power….magnificent results! 

Time to investigate…..will you join me in an experiment?

Posted on September 29, 2015 .